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PROC token (PROC)

PROC  — the driver of the development of the green economy, based on Blockchain technology, aimed at increasing the level of awareness of respect for nature

About us

Digital Green Economy or just PROC.

This is a solution to the environmental and social problems of the planet, with the help of Blockchain technology. Investing in environmentally oriented projects.
The PROC token is a driver for launching a Digital Green Economy. Our slogan is "Waste to income, helping the environment. The PROC project offers all interested parties crowdfunding, and become co-owners of the project and receive lifetime earnings.
PROC Token is a smart contract platform based on the Polygon blockchain (ERC 20). Polygon is a global open source platform for decentralized applications, available anywhere in the world. It is purely digital and can be sent to anyone anywhere in the world instantly. The supply of the PROC token is decentralized and scarce. People all over the world use the PROC token to exchange goods and services, as well as as an incentive under the loyalty program.   Read more

Road map

Q4 2021

  • Formation of the project idea
  • Market research
  • Creating a Digital Green Economy

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Q1 2022

  • Integration with BEP-20,TRC-20
  • IDO
  • Listing on exchanges

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Q2 2022

  • Launching a digital platform
  • Listing on centralized exchanges

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Q3 2022

  • Launching a digital platform
  • Entering the world market
  • The beginning of preparation for the IPO
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