About proc token

This is a solution to the environmental and social problems of the planet with the help of blockchain technology. Investing in environmentally oriented projects.
The PROC token is the driving force for launching a digital green economy. Our slogan is "Waste to income, helping the environment. The PRO project offers crowdfunding to all interested parties, as well as to become co-owners of the project and receive lifetime earnings.
PROC Token is a smart contract platform based on the Polygon blockchain (ERC 20). Polygon is a global open source platform for decentralized applications, available anywhere in the world. It is purely digital and can be sent to anyone anywhere in the world instantly. The supply of PROC tokens is decentralized and limited. People around the world use the PROC token to exchange goods and services, as well as as an incentive within the loyalty program.


1) The token code is written in the current version of the SOLIDITY programming language "0.5.17"
2) The token was created in the Polygon blockchain network
3) The token works correctly on all wallets that support Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)
4) The token complies with the ERC-20 token standard
5) The token has been checked for vulnerabilities and does not contain any
6) The token contains the following functions that can be called:
Transfer – sending tokens
Approve – allow the smart contract to dispose of its tokens at the request of the caller
increaseAllowance – to increase the number of tokens that the approve function allowed to dispose of.
decreaseAllowance – reduce the number of tokens allowed to be disposed of by the approve function.
transferFrom – transfer tokens under the management of a smart contract.
7) The token contains the following functions that can be viewed:
totalSupply – total number of tokens
name – token
name symbol – symbol (ticker) token
decimals – the number of decimal places in the token
balanceOf – checking the balance of tokens on the wallet
allowance – checking the available tokens that the smart contract will be able to dispose of after calling the approve, increaseAllowance function
8) The token functions correctly in accordance with the functions laid down.
9) The token can be connected to the site via the Web3 library.js and Ethers.js, call and view its functions.
10) The token correctly interacts with smart contracts, decentralized and centralized exchanges.
11) The token code contains information about the current project site
12) The token code is confirmed on PolygonSCAN
13) The token is optimized for the cost of transactions (GAS price)
14) The token has the ability to be able to be "burned" if necessary

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